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protective glass for heating and melting



Infrazor is newly developed protective glass for heating and melting in glass industry and for steel industy for watching into the owen and another heat equipments. INFRAZOR protects you against dangerous IR radiation but also make you possible to resolve all details during melting and heating . Using by another glass does not give you the garance for protection your eye aganst IR radiation. Using welding (green) glass give you the protection too, but you can not see the details during the proces. Tha glass absorves the dangerous IR radiation in the range on 380 up to2000 nm. Infrazor we can offer you in shade 2 to 7 and metalised in shade 4 to 8 for temperatures from 1210 oC do 1800 oC By using metalised infrazor the heat ray is reflected from the glass. Infrazor we can supply as a round glass, panto or as a table up to 700 x 300 mm. The protective glass in certified according the norm EN 171.



IF 4 - 5 SCS 1 1024 CE

IF - trade mark Infrazor, 4 - infrared filter , 5 - shade number , SCS - producer´s mark Severosklo, 1 - dioptric effect class

1024 - registration number of the testing and certificating institute , CE - certification according the norm EN 171




recommended capable of use according EN 171:


shade temperature up to °C
2 1110
2,5 1140
3 1210
4 1290
5 1390
6 1500
7 1650
8 1800

C 5130
    protective shield for melters with dia 50 mm


OK 438
    special goggle for glassmakers

    fine leather cover with infrared filter for technologist and management

    simple leather cover with infrared filter for technologist and management


goggle IF 4
    simple paper goggle for visitors with inrared filter