SVAR - Welding glass

The welding glass is a flat glass of green colour, which is designed for protection of eyes against an influence of radiation, produced during welding.


The welding glass we produce rectagular, round in shades from 2 to 15, the maximum size of the sheet is 1050x900mm. Welding glass with a vacuum coating of metallic oxides are produced in shades from 5 to 13.

All glasses are produced in thickness from 2.4 to 3.2 mm.


The recommended use of protective welding filters of rectangular and circular shapes is given in Tables:

The rectangular plates are used for electric arc welding, eventually for plasma welding.

The circular welding glasses and panto-shapes set into goggles are used for flame welding and for hard soldering. The lower protective grades are designeed for crane operators and handling in welding workshops.

The metallized welding with extremely high current values, for methods MIG, MAG, TIG and plasma welding.

The welding filters mustn't be replaced by other glasses, which don't give the eye protection.

Protective effects

The human eye is endangered by the UV-radiation, i. e. the wave length under 400 nm, and by the IR-radiation, i. e. the wave length above 800 nm.

Ultraviolet radiation causes chemical changes in the cornea, in the white of the eye, in the eye lens and on the retina. The radiation of the wave length under 320 nm causes conjunctivitis, whereas the long-wave UV-radiation produces an eye fluorescence which reduces the contrast. UV-radiation of 300 nm and shorter irritates the skin and kills bacteria. The most harmful ultraviolet radiation for a living organizm is about 260 nm, where it is absorbed by nucleic acids in the cellular nucleus. The cells necrotise and proliferation is originated. The UV-radiation endangers the skin up to 0,6 mm deep, it means naturally also the skin of eye-lids and the eye front surface. These tissues become swellen.

Infrared radiation causes heat changes in the cornea, in the eye lens and on the retina. IR-radiation induces cataracts.

The protective welding filters SVAR protect safety against the above mentioned harmful radiation and make possible a sufficient distinction ability during operation because their major transmittance is in the wave length range of 560-565 nm, i. e. the maximal susceptibility of the human eye.

Coated protective glass

Coated protective glass for welders coinst of metal coating, which is perfectly conected with glass. The coating reflects thermal rays well.

The products is suitable mainly for welding works carried on inside or of brilliant vessels, for extreme currents, for MIG, MAG, TIG and plasma welding.

The metal coating, reflects thermal rays, which are otherwise absorbed by protective glass and welding glass is not heated. Long-thermal rays using of uncoated welding glass is extreme conditions makes danger of over heating of eye in top that it is harmful.

Richness in colours of welding glass and spectral transmission curve are not changed, If we use welding glass with a vacuum coating of metaling of metallic oxides.

Suitability of application and protective properties are legalized by state testing laboratory in Aalen ( Germany) and satisfy of EN 166 and EN 169.

Delivered sizes are mostly 110 x 90 mm. max size is 220x200 mm


The rectangular plates are separately wrapped in an acidfree paper and each 10 pieces are packed into a packet. Another option is to wrap each glass in foil. Each filter and each package are designed by identification signs.

The circular protective filters are packed into rolls. Each filter and each roll are designed by identification signs.

The panto-shapes are wrapped in an acid-free paper and packed into board boxes. Each filter and each box are designed by identification signs.


Possible with water, alcohol and common detergents designed for washing of glass.


The filter life-time is limited by a glass breaking. The filter is protected against flying metal drops during welding by the protective glass. The protective properties of the filter are unchanged and stable for the whole life-time. A damaged filter must be changed against the new one with the same protective grade as set in the mask or goggle originally.


    light head shield with the size 110x90 mm.