Protective welding glass SVAR is produced as flat glass with the unique Fourcault process maximal possible dimensions are 1050x900mm. Is available in protection levels from grade 3 till 15.

Production of most used grades 5; 9; 10; 11; 12 and 11 coated is under the certification DIN Certco Berlin Germany       

We can offer all possible formats up to 1050x900mm, the round glass diameter 25mm- 180mm, special dimensions for spectacle frames „FORM“ at the customer´s request. Most used dimensions are in millimetre: 110×90; 110×60; 108×51; 105×50; 98×75; ⌀ 50 mm



Protective effects

Human eye is endangered by the UV-radiation, i. e. the wave length under 400 nm. By the IR-radiation, i. e. the wave length above 800 nm. Ultraviolet radiation causes chemical changes in the cornea, on the white of the eye lens and on the retina. Radiation of the wave length under 320 nm causes conjunctivitis, whereas the long wave UV-radiation produces an eye fluorescence which reduces the contrast. UV-radiation endangers the skin up to 0,6 mm deep, it means naturally also the skin of eye-lids and front surface. These tissues become swollen. Infrared radiation causes heat changes in the cornea, on the eye lens and on the retina. IR-radiation induces cataracts.

Protective welding filters SVAR protect safety against the above mentioned harmful radiation and make possible a sufficient distinction ability during operation because their major transmittance in in the wave length range of 560-565 nm, i. e. the maximal susceptibility of the human eye.

Welding glass with a vacuum coating of metallic oxides

Metal coating, which is perfectly connected with glass, reflects thermal rays which are otherwise absorbed by protective glass and welding glass is not heated. Long-thermal rays in extreme conditions makes danger of over heating of eye in top that is harmful. The products is suitable mainly for welding works carried on inside or for extreme currents, for MIG, MAG, TIG, and plasma welding.