Production of high-quality protective glass

Tradition - experience - quality

We have been experienced in glass production since 1886 when the first glassworks was established. Utility and decorative glass were produced here until 1945. After that, until 1972, our glass factory specialized in optical glass. Since 1974, we have focused our activities exclusively on the production of protective glass for welders.

Later, we expanded the product range to include protective glass for workers in hot operations (glassworks, foundries).

Years of experience and research guarantee high-quality protective glass and stable production with unique technology.



Protective glass for welders

Provides protection against harmful UV radiation generated during welding

Protective glass against infrared radiation

Provides protection against harmful IR radiation emitted, for example during thermal processes such as melting, hardening, firing, heating

Cover glass and foil

It protects glass filters from flying metal droplets and extends the lifespan of special filters. We supply both for passive and automatic welding helmets

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