Protective glass for welders



Protective glass for welders SVAR is manufactured as flat glass using the unique Fourcault technology. It is available in protection levels ranging from grade 2 to 15.

All products are certified and meet the safety and health requirements established by EU Regulation 2016/425. The production of the most commonly used protection levels 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 11 coated is additionally certified asby DIN Certco Berlin Germany.

We can offer rectangular formats up to the size of 1050×900 mm, round formats from ⌀ 25 mm to 180 mm, and special dimensions of eyeglass frames in the ‘FORM’ style based on customer requests. The most common glass thickness is 2.7±0.3mm.

Most commonly used dimensions

The most commonly ordered dimensions are: 110×90, 110×60, 108×51, 105×50, 98×75, and ⌀ 50 mm

Protective effects

For the human eye, radiation in the ultraviolet range (UV) with wavelengths below 400 nm and in the infrared range (IR) with wavelengths above 800 nm is dangerous for the human eye. Ultra-violet radiation causes chemical changes in the cornea, conjunctiva, lens, and retina of the eye. Radiation with wavelengths below 320 nm can cause conjunctivitis, while long-wavelength UV radiation creates ocular fluorescence, which reduces contrast. UV radiation poses a threat to the skin up to a depth of 0,6 mm, including the natural skin of the eyelids and the frontal surfaces. These tissues may become swollen. Infrared radiation causes thermal changes in the cornea, lens, and retina of the eye. Infrared radiation can cause cataracts.

SVAR protective welding filters safely protect against all the harmful radiation mentioned above and provide sufficient discerning capability during operation. This is because they have high transmittance in the wavelength range of 560-565 nm, which corresponds to the area of maximum sensitivity of the human eye. The products meet the requirements specified in harmonized technical standards:

  • EN 166:2002/kor.1:2010 (EN 166:2001)
  • EN 169:2003 (EN 169:2002)

Metallized welding glass

The metallic coating, which is perfectly bonded to the glass, reflects thermal rays that would otherwise be absorbed by the protective glass, preventing the welding lens from heating up. In extreme conditions, long thermal rays pose a danger of overheating the upper part of the eye, which can be harmful. The products are primarily suitable for welding work performed indoors or for extreme currents, such as MIG, MAG, TIG, and plasma welding.

The lenses are made of the highest quality glass, offering high optical quality, dimensional stability, and reflecting 94% of thermal heat.

The maximum possible dimension of metallized glass is 220x200mm, and we produce it in protection levels 7-14.

Marking 5 SCS 1 CE


Recommended use.

Table A.1

Recommended protection levels for flame welding and hard soldering.

Table A.2

Recommended protection levels for oxygen cutting

Table A.3

Recommended use of different protection levels for electric arc welding

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