Glass cover lenses

Cover glass and foil

Cover lenses are designed to protect against flying molten metal, which can settle on the protective filter.

The most commonly used is flat glass with a thickness of 2 mm, which is cut to the same dimensions as the protective filter. This cover lens must be used only with a protective filter. We are able to supply clear glass up to a thickness of 5mm, including for sandblasting and other purposes.

If increased resistance to mechanical damage is required, these cover lenses can be thermally tempered.

The cover lenses are manufactured in accordance with the standard ČSN EN 166. They are made of glass with a smooth surface that prevents user injury. The glass is also inert to the working atmosphere and resists commonly used liquids and cleaning agents without releasing any harmful substances. The cover lenses are manufactured in a way that they do not exhibit optical distortions when viewed through.


The cover lenses are packed in cardboard boxes of 100 pieces

Most commonly supplied cover lenses are:

  • 110x90mm – 5×100 pcs in a shipping carton
  • 108x51mm – 8×100 pcs in a shipping carton
  • 110x60mm – 7×100 pcs in a shipping carton
  • 105x50mm – 8×100 pcs in a shipping carton

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