Eye protection during thermal processes in glassworks and foundries.



Protective glass against infrared radiation is produced as flat glass using the unique Fourcault technology It is available in protection levels ranging from grade 4-2 to 4-8, used for a temperature range of 1100 – 1810°C.

All products are certified and meet the safety and health requirements established by EU Regulation 2016/425.

We can offer rectangular formats up to the size of 700×400 mm, round glasses with a diameter of 25 mm – 180 mm, or special dimensions of spectacle frames ‘FORM’ upon customer request. The most common glass thickness is 2.7±0.3mm.

Most commonly used dimensions

The most commonly ordered dimensions are: 130×37, 120×60, 110×90; 108×51; 76×58, and ⌀ 50 mm

For glass technologists and melters, we offer glasses in genuine leather cases that allow comfortable use without the risk of burns.

Protective effects

INFRAZOR glass filters effectively protect the eyes when looking into furnaces, thermal equipment in foundries, steelworks, glassworks, ceramic facilities, and similar devices during melting or high-temperature processing.

The filter provides the worker with proper protection, preventing harmful radiation from reaching the eyes while ensuring excellent clarity of details in the furnace.

The human eye is at risk from infrared (IR) radiation at wavelengths above 800nm. IR radiation dries out the cornea and gradually denatures the protein in the eye lens. Exposure is constantly loading. The INFRAZOR filter absorbs harmful IR radiation in the range of 780 to 2000nm and UV radiation in the range of 200 to 380nm.

The products meet the requirements specified in harmonized technical standards:

  • EN 166:2002/kor.1:2010 (EN 166:2001)
  • EN 171:2002

Metallized INFRAZOR

The metallic coating, perfectly bonded to the glass, reflects thermal rays that would otherwise be absorbed by the protective glass, preventing it from heating up. Long thermal rays in extreme conditions pose a risk of eye overheating, which is harmful

The lenses are made of the highest quality glass, offering high optical quality, dimensional stability, and reflecting 94% of thermal heat.

The maximum possible dimension of coated glass is 220x200mm, and we manufacture it in protection levels ranging from 4-6 to 4-8.

Recommended use.

Marking IF 4-7 SCS 1 CE


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